About your media specialist

Hi there!

I’m Mrs. Brookins, your ECMA Media Specialist and this website is here to help YOU. The pages on the top (yep, those up top. See them?) will be used to keep links and information you may need over and over. I will add videos and the Tuesday Techy Tips and links just for you… and maybe some for your teachers as well.

Before I was your media specialist, I worked at North Columbus Elementary and Midland Academy teaching Kindergarten and Pre-K. Before that, I worked in the media center at North Columbus and because I loved it so much, I decided to go back to college to get my Masters degree in Library Media, which led me here!

I love, love, love my job because I get to see all of you every day and I get to work with some great people! I don’t just buy books and help you find them. I

  • Put together the school yearbook
  • Manage the ECMA website
  • Manage the library website
  • Manage and schedule all of the labs and carts
  • Put in work orders and fix computers, smart boards, printers, etc.
  • Teach classes
  • Manage the library budget (the math you are learning WILL come in handy one day!)
  • Teach technology to you and your teachers
  • Run the morning news team
  • Laminate, copy, di-cut, make bulletin boards, etc
  • Coach the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team… now the TOME Society Group
  • Run the book fair(s)
  • Purchase books based on your interests, your needs and your teachers needs based on the standards
  • Purchase library materials to keep the library in tip top shape
  • Allocate copies
  • Try to stay up to date on new technology so I can keep up with you guys!
  • and so much more!

Woo Wee… and after all of that I go home to my wonderful husband (Chris), daughter (Leah), and pup (Melo).

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